Save hundreds without sacrificing quality or service

I offer superior quality, American made spas from Nordic Hot Tubs. 

While servicing all brands of hot tubs, I have come across many 10+  year old Nordic spas that are still in pristine condition.  Nordic spa owners are some of the most satisfied customers I have found.  I have always been impressed with Nordic's performance and quality, which is why I chose to represent them. 

Here are a few other quick points on why I believe Nordic is a smart choice:

  • Nordic is a dependable company that has been manufacturing spas for over 15 years.
  • Nordic spas are certified to meet California Title-20 energy standards, saving hundreds on heating costs!
  • Nordic spas feature excellent warranty coverage including a Lifetime shell warranty.
  • Nordic spas use only quality components found in much more expensive spas.
  • Nordic spas offer true whirlpool therapy in addition to traditional back jets, it's like having two spas in one.
  • Many models have the option to use 120V or 240V power, eliminating the need for expensive wiring.
  • Nordic has a great reputation in the spa industry and is well known as a quality and value leader.
  • Each Nordic spa includes a turbo whirlpool jet, which provides amazingly powerful therapy.
  • All Nordic spas are Made with pride in USA

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

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Welcome to Four Season Spas

I am a full service hot tub dealer proudly serving Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts.  I offer high quality, American made spas from Nordic Hot Tubs.  I do not rent an expensive storefront or pay a sales staff, as a result I can sell for less, much less.  In addition to guaranteeing the lowest spa prices, I offer unparalleled customer service.  The only thing better then my prices is my commitment to customer satisfaction.  You simply will not find lower prices or better service, I guarantee it! .

100% satisfaction


If you are not completely satisfied with your new hot tub, you may return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange.


Unmatched durability

Check out this video to see just how strong Nordic Hot Tubs really are.